Video: Andy & Rina (2016)

 I’m still fascinated by documenting my early meetings with people whom I tie. This is the second time tying Rina that I met in Ubud in end of 2016. The music is Olafur Arnalds, Chopin Project.

Rina later wrote these words about her experience.

At first, my Self was still concerned about how she would look in the picture, and how much turned on she would get by the rope and Andy’s touch.

Craving that sensation
wanting it to be about that.
While my soul was longing for something deeper at the same time.
Andy mastered the dance with that
responding to and rejecting it in flow
softening the ground for magical unfolding.

Then another force took over.
A force wanting to be seen in its raw uncensored way.
The voice of Self got cut off.
Fearlessness flooded the space.
The emptying began.
My Beyond Self let go completely of what anything outside to my body field would do, say or feel.

Andy disappeared from my radar.
His presence even merged with mine.

My body became oneness,
took center stage and expressed what is
and there was this stillness and rawness in the pain.
In the melting.
In the dissolving.

Flows of juiciness were released and flushed throughout my body.
With each layer of intense pain induced by the rope the release and stream of nectar got stronger.

The conditioning of what is and is not acceptable got peeled off.
The gift of living my own truth got unwrapped with every loop of rope being wrapped around my body, freeing one fragment of trapped soul at a time.

Eye-gazing with Andy reassured me that this was happening, this is real.

Once I hung upside down,
Fear entered the stage.
Peaked in front of the door to death.
Soul let it wash through my body,
before tears, sound and intense pain carried it away.
Soul came through in its timeless beauty.