Play Party: GRÄNSLANDET (2015)

GRÄNSLANDET (the in-between space in Swedish) was a public play party that I organized twice during 2o15. My ambition was to explore the exhibtionism and voyeurism in erototism. The space offered around 20 miniatur stage defined by stage lighting in a dark space. To focus on the present experience, all talk was banned outside the stages. This create an audience witnessing the play. The first party had 100 visitors, and the second one 300. I wanted to use live musicians that could adapt to the room, and artist drawing what was happening as an form of documentation. I decided to not repeat the experience until I had something to – to go deeper.

A story from a participant

I have a hunger.
A craving for inspiration.
For the next step.

I´ve talked.
People have spoken.
Told how things should be.
How I should do.
What I need to do.


That´s not my way.
That´s your way.


Stop talking.
Be true.
Be you.
Let me se.

Spark new ideas.
New thoughts.

Awake something from within me.

I don´t want to do what people say.
People mostly say what they´ve heard others say.
I´ve already heard it.
Many times.
It´s said to help though.
That´s appreciated. 
Very much so.

But it´s not my way.

I want something from within.
I want sparks.

Where´s my inspiration?

So, a night of silence.
No talking.
No doing.
Just feeling.

For me.


Explosion of inspiration.

I can´t wait.