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Interview: About a Play Party (2019/DAN)

What is a Play Party? What is it? WHAT IS IT? This question is continuously asked. Here video interview in Danish with my beautiful and brave friend Lea Love. She is doing the organization and amazing food for the Play Parties in southern Sweden.

Her answer to the question “What is a Play Party” was the following (translated to English).

It’s a space.
That we create together.
That is built on trust.
Where you are free.
To explore your own sexuality.
Alone, together with others, or in whatever constellation that feels right.
Exploring sexuality can be an inner journey without any physical contact.
It’s a space where we are free to be as we are.
An experiment.

Hvad er et playparty?

Hvorfor afholde et “Playparty”?

Kan du fortælle om en konkret øvelse?

Kan man komme alene?

Hvordan er maden i spiser?

Hvordan har du det lige nu?

Hvad får deltagerene ud af Playpatyet ?

Hvad laver i til et Playparty?

Handler det om gruppesex?

Har det noget med sex at gøre?