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Welcome to the second week of the Tantric Rope Journey Online.

90 minutes of lecture, 5 hours of exercises, and the second step out of seven in a mixture of technique, philosophy and rituals!​​

During this week we will technically focus on building stable rope ties on the upper body and how to attachment to an external point. We do this to interact with gravity, so the person being tied can relax while being held. This is also an enabler for later parts of the journey were the person tying will move between tying and witnessing their partner. The safety lecture will teach you how to approach this safely.

On philosophical side we will look at touch. How we can communicate with our touch, and how we can see with our touch. This a fundamental skill to move beyond tying that is merely visual, and deeply starting to impact the emotional state of everyone involved. The re-cap from last week will dig deeper into different ways to wrap the body in rope, and how that impacts the session emotionally.

Course Curriculum


Technical recap

New techniques