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View the online school trailer (week 3)

Welcome to the third week of the Tantric Rope Journey Online.

Over 2 hours of lecture, 6 hours of exercises, and the third step out of seven in a mixture of technique, philosophy and rituals!​​

Technically the focus of this week is continuing on working with stable rope ties and working with an external attachment point. But this time focus on the lower body. We will also introduce more challenge in the ties, by intense experiences of gravity and some pain. On the safety side we will refine our techniques to work with more weight and power. And as the person tying you will be challenged to suspend your body, to ensure that your technique is good enough. To re-cap from last week, we will study how tight the body can be wrapped in ropes and how it feels.

On the philosophical side, we will look into how story and characters impact our tying sessions. And how this connects to the archetypal narratives that fill our subconscious. Finally we will end the week with another ritual focusing on how person tying can enjoy the tied person while in bondage, and how the tied person can allow that without crossing their own boundaries.

Course Curriculum


  • Weekly trailer (0:32)
  • Why it is so important to tell a story together with our bondage (10:07)

Technical recap

  • Tying strong on the lower body (3:42)
  • EXERCIS: Wrapping a leg
  • Suspending yourself, a rigger challenge (6:21)
  • EXERCIS: Self-suspension

New techniques

  • Playing with pain (18:00)
  • EXERCIS: Try out adrenalin and endorphins
  • Stable ties on the legs (8:50)
  • Using the leg tie in suspension (9:39)
  • EXERCIS: Make half-suspension using a leg tie
  • Stable ties on the butt (10:10)
  • Using the butt tie for suspension (3:37)
  • EXERCIS: Make a half-suspension using the butt tie


  • Working with heavy load (4:42)
  • Video: Tie-off on rope (0:46)
  • Video: Tie-off on carbine (1:04)
  • EXERCIS: Suspend an heavy object


  • Building trust (9:14)
  • Diagram: Two dimensions of trust
  • EXERCIS: Build trust using different tools
  • Miss Julie, a story (3:55)
  • Romeo & Juliette, a story (6:51)
  • Handmaid’s Tale, a story (4:13)
  • EXERCIS: One, two, or three tales


  • Warm-up for the ritual (11:39)
  • EXERCIS: Zero to 100
  • Can I use you like this? (10:52)
  • EXERCIS: The ritual


  • Quiz of the week
  • Tying the week together (6:38)