black smoke coming from fire

The rising feminine by Ricky van Meer (2021)

I find it so sad when people see being submissive as being weak, as it’s the losing end on a scale. Trusting and surrendering in the hands of another is tremendously powerful and brave. It is even sadder when the connection of being submissive, being feminine, being weak is made. We are living in a world that glorifies consensual masculinity. Non-consensual masculinity is luckily on the decline, at least in Scandinavia. But in general, it is a world of doing, constant progress, and exploitation. There is a great longing for balance. In all genders, I believe. I’ve written about this so many times, from my sometimes dull and logical mind, so when I found this text by my friend Ricky van Meer, a true poet, I wanted to publish it.

The FEMININE is hurting

The feminine⸺in MALE and female bodies⸺is crying to be seen, to be felt, to be loved⸺crying to be FREE. The cry for freedom is not just an unhealthy masculine trait; deep below the surface of superficial erotic polarities, it is actually the feminine that is crying… To be recognized, to be set free from the chains of consciousness. To be unleashed. The matter is aflame, the earth-mother ready to erupt, volcanic superpower ready to blow⸺a force that will shake atoms and make galaxies collide. Yet, she is afraid. Too long has she been shamed, too long has she been separated. Too long has she been told she is not enough, not worthy. Too long have the words and swords of men kept her at bay for fear of death. Too long, she has believed love will leave her if she fully comes alive. But it is time.

It is time to come alive

To all the witches I want to say⸺to all the fairies, the mothers, the daughters and the temptresses, the goddesses and the warriors; to all the little girls and the sacred whores, the seductresses, huntresses and the maidens, the sirens, the wild women, the queens and the crones; to all the sages and the mystics, the enigmas, the angels, the priestesses and the lovers, I want to say; You are WILD. You are the bursting life in raging rivers and shuttering storms, the thundering force in volcanic tornados and ferocious tsunamis; you are the strike of lightning, the roses in the rain and the flames of the fire that once burned you; you are the life in ecstatic births, the song of the birds and of the sea, the voluptuous forests and the breadth of our planet, the secrets in the ice, the smile of a newborn, and the tears of death; you are the twinkle in the eye, the butterfly on the moon, the love of a mother and the beauty of a beloved disappearing into the sunset; you are the life in the matter of love, the beating of the heart, the dancing of dust, the sweat, the semen and the blood; you are the life in the core of atoms, the kiss of the sun and the poetry that matters; you are the life in the mythology of dragons and the deep dark cosmic power of black holes and supernovas that will penetrate the night sky for eternity!

You ARE that life

So why are you hiding? Come alive, RISE! I know you are ready to burst, ready to emerge like a fucking six-winged dragon, destroying all the bounds with which our petty minds had you fooled to believe you were ever captured, and you were somehow a lesser force than the big bang that sprung all life into creation! Come ALIVE, and let this ecstatic current of life erupt out of your chest and into the world which so desperately needs it. Be the love you are afraid to lose. Move your body, shake, scream, dance, rage, cry, laugh and love unapologetically. You can never be too crazy, you can only be not crazy ENOUGH.

The world is waiting for you

The time is now, to set yourself free. YES, it is terrifying⸺the terror of embracing our own power, allowing ourselves to feel SAFE; to stand on this earth as if we belong and float in the cosmic sea that will always hold us. But we no longer have a choice. We can no longer be the victims we want to be, our diamond cages that glitter with collusive ideas of why it is not safe out there, not yet, why we would be raped, why we would be burned⸺the world is DESPERATE for the feminine, for the fountain of love to overflow in the hearts of each of us, so we can stand together in life; so we know we are not alone⸺so we know that showing up in our true power does NOT mean exile from the garden of Eden.

The feminine is rising

Like a luscious phoenix from the ashes of the past few thousand years; not here to overthrow, but to claim her EQUALITY on the throne. The world is ready; the eyes of a stranger are waiting for you to growl, so they can growl back; their hearts are waiting for yours to roar so that they can feel the permission to come alive and FINALLY roar back⸺their souls are ready to hear you scream with the lust for life that has brought you into incarnation, so they can scream back and meet you with the life that has been shaking at their core. Show up how you want to be met, free of any bounds, and breakthrough all the pain and the loss and all the pieces we left along the way that make us feel separate and alone, needy and holding onto something; one thing; ANYTHING that is ours so we can feel safe in the illusion that we at least exist. We are pure LIFE embodied in human form. And all the feminine wants is to SURRENDER to this life, to be ravished by this life⸺to be fucked by this life!