Grapevine Talks

Ceremony in Berlin

As my private base is moving more towards Berlin, I’m exploring the idea of offering something small and special. It is a re-run of a popular event from Xplore Berlin 2023.

A Perversion of Tea. Pouring water. Soaking leaves. Bowls are handed out to the awaiting guests. Ceremonially rotated to mark a rite of passage. Over and over. It requires a special kind of bravery and dedication. Yet it’s mere improvisation. What do we make space for in such a delicate practice? A trembling tea bowl on outstretched arms. Undressing a collarbone in slow motion. A drip of drool soaks into the tongue of another. Skin marked by discipline. A painted false face.

A Perversion of Tea is a repetitive sadomasochistic play experience in a sea of silence and noise. Directed by Andy Buru, Natascha and Tamandua. Be our temporary witness or get lost for hours.