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EURIX, Berlin

November 7 November 12

I’m teaching at the European Rigger Exchange in Berlin. More information here

EURIX  – The concept

There is a lot of creative and innovative rope bondage in Europe today. Many individuals are developing their own approaches. A sort of emancipation from the japanese masters is happening, not a rebellion or opposition, just people recognizing the importance of gaining autonomity in their artistic process.

EURIX wishes to provide a platform for these individuals and to develop the technical, artistic and philosophical aspects of the practice, by confronting traditional japanese Shibari with our European cultural heritage. Western knowlegde, techniques and skills, ideas from art, science, psychology& medicine, bodywork& performance, BDSM& Sex-Positive Culture- all this might be presented ed at EURIX, in order to give new impulses to the practice.

EURIX is also a sociography, an experiment that proposes a sex-positive, kink-friendly space, where attentiveness and empathy, consent, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, ecological and political awareness are highly valued and put into practice. EURIX wishes to provide a space where clear, honest and constructive communication is a permanent collective effort.

EURIX brings experienced European Riggers and Models together, for a week of exchange and research, twice a year. There are invited „regular presenters“  and “newcomers” who share their work on a voluntary base: riggers and models who have developed a personal style beyond japanese tradition, who are interested to learn and exchange with others and who wish to experiment with less hierarchical and dogmatic teaching structures. 

They are joined by a larger group of „students“, intermediate and advanced riggers interested to learn from the professionals present and paying a modest fee in order to finance the event. Also “students” may propose workshops or perform during the week.

The schedule is open. Every day a new plan is established, with different workshops, research groups, talks etc. Up to four workshops run simultaneously, thus a wide range of topics and issues is covered. The content of each event is designed according to the interests and needs of the participants rather then following a preconceived didactic concept or method. It is different every time. 

Felix Ruckert, 2019


Holzmarkt 25
Berlin, Germany
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