Andy Buru is a medical massage therapist and a teacher of the Japanese rope art kinbaku/shibari. Active in Stockholm, Sweden and available for travels.


Andy Buru

Are you looking for peace and tranquillity to meet yourself and others?

My work aims to create magical rooms were people can rest, heal and grow. My tools, spirit and experience springs from neurosemantic team building, medical massage therapy and Japanese rope art.

I work with both groups and individuals, and I love the fact that the world is allowed to be complicated because that makes every meeting unique. My time in Japan engraved into me the presence, passion and embrace for the glimpse of zen that exists in every movement of life – and this I gladly share with you in a session, workshop, or with a cup of tea.

What I teach

Japanese Rope Art

The art of tying and being tied has long been my favourite tool for teaching others and expressing myself. It speaks to me in so many different ways: As a philosophical question of beauty and free will (or if we live a life in bondage). As a physical, emotional and mental dialogue between people, and a deep spiritual practice. As an interesting visual art form that springs from a modern sharing culture and a historical legacy. The fact that tying people with rope is physical and concrete makes it a great vessel for more emotional and abstract subjects.

Power & Surrender

The act of consensually taking or surrendering power has been the focus of my own exploration during the past decade. To responsibly hold power and letting go into surrender are skills that can be taught and practised. In society today there is an imbalance that values power higher than surrender. The results are conflict and exhaustion in a non-consensual power dynamic. When done consensually letting go into surrender is peaceful and holding power is empowering, and together they create an intimate connection between two or more people. We all have an individual and constantly changing way towards power and surrender. This is why I believe in providing experiences and holding space that includes everything from physical sensations such as rope, pain and pleasure, to emotional sensations such as vulnerability, trust, pride and shame.

Play as the Way

I use playfulness as an methodology to approach subjects that are outside our comfort zone. May it questioning self-doubting ideas, archetypes in sexuality and power/surrender dynamics, or exploring our primal instincts. Being playful about something serious makes it safe because play does not seek to obliterate or transform differences. It allows for interaction and exploration because it operates on a deeper level where there are no differences that make a differences. Make believe and pretend that you are someone or something else, and in return you to taste an experience that may change your life in general.

Body Awareness and Anatomy

I believe being aware of our body and how it interacts with the space around us is a key to knowing ourselves. Because it provide instant feedback on our physical and emotional state of being. We feel butterflies in our tummy, stress building tension, warmth from other people and pain warning us when we are in danger. Listening to these sensations make us present here and now. In contact with others they form a wordless language that communicate feelings and intentions. Body awareness is an intuitive knowledge that we practice by interacting with ourselves and others. Anatomy is the schoolbook knowledge that we practice by studying the body. I teach the combination of body awareness and anatomy because they strengthens each other by both knowing and experiencing.

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