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Private BDSM mentorship for dominants

Want to get to know your dominant side?

And balance it with being a modern man.

Spiritual, philosophical, embodied and beyond bedroom bondage, spanking and 50 Shades of Grey.

A personal mentorship program based on your kinks with access to private lessons, a twenty years of knowledge, and eventually practice partners.

Bring your shadow
into the light!

Who is this for?

The mentorship is for anyone (men, trans, non-binary, women etc.) that identifies as masculine and want to develop their dominance as a personal trait and a role in sexual polarity play.

I believe that men must learn when and how to be dominant by balancing being loving and caring and, at the same time, assertive and selfish. It is the deepest form of listening to your partner and your own desire. Doing this consciously and consensually, without judgements about being toxic or taboo, is an empowering experience for you and the people around you. In parallel, you will learn surrender and servitude, either by dancing in your sexual polarity or by dedication in other aspects of your life. That is the secret to not burning out nor becoming abusive. A personal mentorship is guidance on this journey and provides the tantric and BDSM tools and practices you need.

Learning this will impact all your relationships because you will embody a conscious and consensual relationship to power and control inside of yourself. Of course, everything that happens during the mentorship is entirely confidential.

Why am I offering this?

For the past ten years, I have almost exclusively worked with women and sometimes couples. Through this time, I have developed a reasonably good understanding of feminine sexuality, submission, and surrender. The women I meet often complain about men and how they relate to masculine sexuality and being dominant. The men were either overly aggressive and couldn’t listen or were too scared and boring. At first, I thought these were just a few bad apples and that the average man had a pretty good relationship to their sexuality, but man was I wrong.

Over the years, a few men have come to me for mentorship, but I’ve usually answered, I know a thousand woman, but only one man, and that’s me, and I’m exceptional weird, so how can I help you?
However, my interest in men grew, and I started to offer men’s only workshop and involve myself in the men’s movement around the European Mens Gathering. So now I am curious. How can I be of service?

Andy is a real master in an old school way; He doesn’t always give you what you think you want, but often what you may actually need. Sometimes by generously sharing his vast experience, sometimes by withholding, frustrating, and turning the perspectives. He has experienced most of the roles in most situations and therefore provides a rich library of factual knowledge that is both technical and psychological. In addition, his curiosity has brought him to the edges of kink, connecting to a variety of other modalities from art and theatre to the esoteric. Making him a master of many trades, but maybe more important, he provides a philosophical framework that is his own and forces one in the mentorship relation to analyze ones own values, deeper archetypes and needs.



Our mentorship starts with a two-hour introduction meeting to identify where you are right now and where you want to go in your dominance. It is followed up in bi-weekly meetings for a long as you want. As food for our discussions, you will balance self-exploration with lovers and partners, contemplating reading material, and attending lessons and retreats with me.

If you lack a practice partner, I might be able to provide you with someone for lessons once I trust you.

Preferably, the mentorship program happens in person, in Stockholm, Sweden, as that is how I enjoy working. If this is not possible for you, we can discuss meeting online instead.


Try out month

1500 SEK / 150 EURO

  • A personal development plan
  • Direct chat access with Andy
  • Introduction meeting
  • Two follow-up meetings
  • Please make sure that you have time for two sessions with a partner during the month

One-year package

18.000 SEK / 1800 EURO

  • A personal development plan
  • Direct chat access with Andy
  • Introduction meeting
  • Bi-weekly meetings, around one hour, based on your needs and forming a mentor-student relationship
  • 30% discount on lessons

Let me welcome YOU to my world.

Photography by Cim Ek.