Andy Buru

Andy Buru aim to create magical rooms were people can rest, heal and grow.


This is work in progress.

Once in one year, I tied seventy-five people that I barely met before. It was an experiment on moments of vulnerability shared without words. It was beautiful. Ten years later I was struck with a creative urge to repeat, document, and share it.

I’m currently looking for somewhere to display my work. Here is a sketch of the presentation idea. Thank you all for supporting. <3


Maybe as a comment on the current consent discussion and were spaces I move in is leaning more and more towards verbal and pre-negotiated consent. Which might be necessary at this point in time. However, there is also non-verbal and consent being negotiated as a meeting unfolds. This always fascinated me.

I also decided to make the maybe most boring tie I know. The classic gote, the upper body binding. To explore how it becomes something different in every meeting. Once I eventually managed to cut all the videos together into one continuous scene moving from person to person with a few seconds interval, I hope that I can create some meta-human, and show them in their bondage.

Finally, there is something magical with meeting people, that I never met before and probably never will meet again. The full lifecycle of a relationship unfolds in one session. Birth to death. All the potential in the relationship at once, because otherwise, it is too late. In theory, because I probably will meet these people again.


Trailer 1
Trailer 2