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Every session with Andy is like opening a mysterious box of secrets – secrets that are deeply hidden under numerous layers of external garbage that I tend to call “self”. I never know what I’ll find inside. I come with some messy armful of the things that bother my mind and hurt my soul, and Andy, being a highly intuitive person and knowledgeable master, can perfectly read and unfold my needs to create a unique experience through building a dialogue with my body which effectively leads me to unblocking a communication channel with that beyond-verbal, subpersonal (or even transpersonal) core that knows all the answers. For me it’s a lot similar to a journey, and Andy is an excellent guide driving all that machinery to the unknown lands of subconscious, making a trip safe and surrounded with care and unconditional love. I’m so much grateful to Andy for all the treasures I brought back from my journeys, for being such a sensitive, empathic and sharing person, for building a trusting and sensual space where I can feel safe to let myself expose my vulnerability and learn about what level of freedom it can give; for relaxing tea conversations, for understanding and guiding, for creation of multi-dimensional playgrounds, for showing the beauty of universal dance of giving and receiving, power and surrender, will and matter.