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#the man and the machine

The man and the machine is an investigation of the relationship between human biology and machine technology. The arena is art. Vibrations through a surface, like a floor or an object, become notes in a composition. While motion in space draws patterns in pitch and tempo. And pulsating bass synchronized with the human heart. I believe that technology can be a modern form of mysticism and magick. My work translates human movement and form to the digital world. The design is modular and the result is ever evolving.

Machine held spaces (2019) - One of the reasons why I started the man and the machine project was to explore how to create an space that was holding it self. In a one-on-one session I'm holding space for the other person, by actually continuously adapting to the client. In a workshop I shape the space by selecting exercises and guiding along the way. But I've also been curious about how much the space can do by itself.
Current technology (2019) - This is an description of the technology behind the interactive soundscapes that I've mainly been building as a part of the man and the machine project. It is aimed for non-nerds to explain what I do to artist of other disciplines. The technology is modular. This means that is works like lego bricks, so it can be picked apart and reassembled in many different ways. That allows the evolution of project, so similar to a theatre production, I do rehearsals to learn more about how I want the lego bricks to be put together. The final result is some kind of machine that interacts with the human outside.
Video: Biometrical soundscape/rope bondage (2017) - Recorded at mine and Joakim Erixson Flodmans exhibition at Wip:Stockholm. The heartbeat is pickup from the model in rope as their body conditions change. The ghastly sound is built from our movement. The idea was to give the audience another path to connect with our experience.
Video: My interactive nosiescape (2018) - This is an interactive noisescape that I built for a project at school. I wanted to create a space that held the participants without instructions from an leader, or written, or in any kind. My goal was stillness, so I wanted to punish movement. Vibrations are picked up from the white platforms and generate a disturbing noise. If the space is still form a period of time, the light will fade out and a Chopin score is played together with computer generated poems from my voice. In the background there are three metal pieces hanging from the ceiling, picks up vibrations and interprets into notes, which in turn becomes the bell sound in the soundscape.