Andy Buru

Andy Buru aim to create magical rooms were people can rest, heal and grow.

Private BDSM initiation for submissives

Experience your pleasure in surrendering to power

In three months or three weekends. How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Spiritual, philosophical, embodied and beyond bedroom bondage, spanking and 50 Shades of Grey.

Explore your shame and taboo


This is exclusive an 100-hour program for the dedicated.

What is it like?

Obviously an initiation into BDSM is a very personal and unique experience, and many are shy to share about it in depth. However, when Valentina started the program in the autumn of 2021, she decided to be brave and let others follow along on her journey. Here are her journals and recordings.

Note that Valentina is a pseudonym, to allow her to remain anonymous and share freely.

Basically, most of us will get turned on at night by the very same things that we will demonstrate against during the day.

– Esther Perel, the secret to desire in a long-term relationship

Who is this for?

The initiation is for anyone (women, trans, non-binary, men etc.) that identify as feminine and want to explore submission and surrender.

A professional initiation is 100% about you. There is no long-term love relationship that you have to care for, so we can focus completely on your experience. And there is no risk in you being too much or desiring your taboos. Learning this in the initiation will impact all your relationships because you will embody a conscious and consensual relationship to power and surrender, inside of yourself.

Of course, everything that happens during the initiation is entirely confidential. And by entering this program, you agree to not pursuing a private or sexual relationship with Andy.

Why am I offering this?

I’m in general, a very slow person. It took me ten years of BDSM to feel confident in teaching it, and another five years before offering therapeutic sessions.

There is always someone else saying – Hey, you should do this! – and my reply is usual – Well, yes, maybe, or maybe not, but eventually I end up doing it because I believe in being of service.

Now, another five years later, someone asked me to make them a private initiation to BDSM. Like a serious program. So I did. Here it is.

During my altogether twenty years of BDSM, I’ve also been studying tantra, rituals, theater and much more, so obviously, this will also be included.




Submission and surrender | Non-verbal communication and primal play | Sensory deprivation and sensation


Ritual and shame | Pain and breathwork | Restriction and endurance


Serving and exhibitionism | Discipline and fear play | Edging and orgasm control

Each module includes three subjects with a session and surrounding support structure. Each module also has an introduction meeting.



Each module contains three subjects and is 40 hours of practice in total.

Example scheduling for a module over a month, or as a intensive weekend.



Submission and surrender

Your first session is about the ritual of entering into submission and surrender, to experience difference between the two. You will learn how to take verbal and physical instructions from a dominant, and be transparent with the emotions you feel as a submissive. The session also involves some light sensation play with both pain and pleasure. Symbolism of BDSM is another overall theme.

Non-verbal communication and primal play

The second session focuses on body language, and non-verbal communication. How does your submissive body language change from the everyday expression? We will practice letting go of the mind and entering into a primal state of being, that is driven by the sensations of smell and taste. If submission is a symbol of the divine, then in this session you will be your animal, through the art of playing.

Sensory deprivation and sensation

The final beginner session is a about passivity and receiving, without being able to give anything in return. Adding to this will be “comfortable” bondage and sensory deprivation, to guide the bodily sensations. Vulnerability and exposure is another overlaying theme, and an introduction to fetishism.

Reading material

What do you surrender? (2020)

The leader hat and stop-button (2020)

Playing safer (2020)

Pain and Kinbaku (2013)


Ritual and shame

What does it mean to be “a slave”? What happens when you let go of your ego and your definition of “who you are”, or “who you have to be”? These are the fundamental questions when we step deeper into the rituals of BDSM to explore the subject of shame. It is the perfect opportunity, to find freedom in your taboos and desires, and let go of sexual and bodily shame.

Pain and breathwork

Pain is almost always the first association when thinking about BDSM. Whips, clamps, wax, and much more. In this session, we will explore how pain become pleasurable, by releasing of endorphins. You will learn breathing techniques and body movement to aid this process, and we will practice using body language to communicate the experienced intensity.

Restriction and endurance

This session is all about challenging rope bondage, or what is often called Semenawa in Japanese. You will get to experience the connection between surrender, suffering, and freedom. And maybe ask yourself the questions, what is worth suffering for? On the more practical side, play with the different between static challenges and predicaments.

Reading material

Shame – a Road to Humiliation (2015)

Pain and breathwork (2020)

Sexuality in bondage (2019)


Serving and exhibitionism

Who is witnessing your submission? And what happens when you shift the focus outside yourself? Is that the final shape of surrender? These are the questions for the last exploration of ritual. If you are brave, you can invite your friends or loved ones.

Discipline and fear play

Can pain that is not physically pleasurable be emotionally rewarding? And is actually pain, or the fear of pain? This session will focus on discipline and challenging your submission. You might be surprised, but that often makes the surrender deeper.

Edging and orgasm control

Some experience sexually as the golden thread of BDSM on the most philosophical level. A session can be seen as the longest form of foreplay, as a constant discovery of new edges of arousal. What happens if you hand over the control of this, as a part of your surrender?

Reading material

Serving and exhibitionism (2021)

Fear and discipline (2021)

(more to be written)



16.000 SEK / 1600 EURO

48.000 SEK / 4800 EURO for the full initiation

Normally, the initiation is taught at my home studio in Stockholm, Sweden. However, I’ll travel to you, if you pay for travel, food, and accommodation plus 500 EURO.

Let me welcome YOU to my world.

Photography by Cim Ek.