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This is for YOU. Medical Massage. Bound Bodywork. Repterapi (therapeutic rope). Hypnosis. They are all ways to serve. To be a guiding hand on your journey. A safe space to let the guard down and just rest, or to face old fears, or to experience something completely new. The session work is my exploration in how to serve another in a one-on-one meeting. What I offer is the expertise that I’ve built up over a lifetime. As a lesson, or an experience, or something in-between. Selected, tailored, and curated just for you. You pay for my time, so I can focus on you.

Watch the short documentary BBC made about my therapeutic rope bondage.

Price and location

The base price is 1000 SEK or 100 Euro per hour, and the standard session is 3 hours long.

I offer a package price, because I prefer to work recurring with clients and that has proven itself very successful – three sessions for the price of two*

The sessions and private lessons are offered at my home studio in Stockholm. It is possible to come alone, or with a partner or friend. A meeting normally lasts for three hours. It is always tailored to your needs and desires.

If you have questions, please e-mail

[*] Details about the package price

  • Do one session + book a follow-up = receive a third session for free
  • Nine hours for 6000 SEK (standard price 9000 SEK)
  • Each session is three hours
  • Book and pay the first session below
  • At the end of the initial session, you decide package price or not
  • If you pick the package price, we book another session that you pay directly
  • Otherwise, nothing happens 🙂
  • It is recommended to do the three sessions of a six week period of time

Book a session or private lesson

Below you can read more about the kind of session work I’ve been doing so far.

Bound Bodywork - Bound Bodywork is my project started on Bali during the winter of 2016. It aims to translate and share the therapeutic rope practice I have developed in Sweden. It springs from the Japanese rope art of Kinbaku infused with modern modalities working on trauma, consent and sexuality.
Repterapi (SWE) - The idea of therapeutic ropes occurred to me many years ago, as people started to contact me about their traumatic experiences. They were looking to learn how to trust and surrender again, and ropes became a somatic way to approach it. It was stories about burn-outs, abuses, and emotions running rampage in their bodies. It took me a few years to structure my knowledge to create this what I've decided to call "Repterapi" or therapeutic ropes. This is a written description of my work in Swedish.
Medicinsk massage (SWE) - I studied medical massage therapy full time for a year in Stockholm, Sweden. Learning about the anatomy and movements of the body. This is my summary of what I learnt - written in Swedish after I finished my education.
Video: Talking with Giulia (2021) - Janice Baleson (Crooked Cookie) filmed and interviewed me and Giulia in therapeutic rope session, and our talks before and after. Edited by me.
An entrepreneur’s perspective! (2020) - This is Gordie talking about his experience of being tied by me. He is the author of the book The Connection Effect and an business entrepreneur from the heart.
Practicing surrender (2020) - My friend Michael is making an app called reLove that acts as a first point of contact for people curious about conscious relating, intimacy and embodiment. He asked me make a short introduction to practicing surrender - so here is my take on it. I hope you enjoy it.
Power, abuse and therapy (2020) - BBC recently released their short documentary about me and my therapeutic rope bondage, and that led to a bunch of question around the subject of power, abuse and therapy. Being the victim of abuse is having ones power taken away. If the abuse is repetitive, the victim usually normalizes the behaviour, hence taking it for granted to have their power taken away. The result is generally that the person feels powerless and is unable to maintain healthy boundaries to people around them. It is like something has been taken away from them—a part of their spirit. But they are often unable to put the finger on it, as the traumatized state is the new normal. So why can rope bondage help, and what do I think is the keys to success?
The Swedish ‘bodyworker’ tying people up (2020) - "Swedish bodyworker Andy Buru has devised a therapeutic way of working with bondage to help people heal from trauma, burnout and other ailments."
In search for awe (2020) - Awe is more complicated—awe as in both awful and awesome. At first, I thought about it as a thin line or a sweet-spot between awful and awesome. Now I realize that it is both at once. Where pain becomes pleasure and pleasure becomes pain, and I want and don't want something at the same time. Where I no longer know how-to or can choose. It's where I have to surrender or, metaphorically, die.
Book thoughts: In an Unspoken Voice (2019) - I've recently been reading this newer book by Peter A. Levine on "how the body releases trauma and restores goodness.". It feels like a follow-up on one of my previous favourite books of his, Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, as it goes deeper into how the body, mind and spirit interrelate. To put into perspective, I see Peter A. Levine's work as groundbreaking because he bridges the science of the brain with knowledge of a bodyworker. Compared to another of my heroes, Judith Lewis Herman, whom more or less defined the concept of PTSD, that focuses on how to work with trauma in various forms of talk-based therapies.
And you nervous? (2019) - Then you are most likely tensed in your body too. Many session first-timers tell me that they are nervous. Usually, it was excitement that turned into nervousness as they approached the session. The bodily response to nervousness and enthusiasm are more or less the same. The heart rate rises, first sweat occurs, and the muscle starts to tense. Your nerve system is activated or aroused in biological terms. The interpretation of the experience happens later in your head — anyhow enough nerdiness about the biochemistry of the human body. A recurring client suggested that I should offer a combined session, half massage and half rope. To first massage the body to help it relax and then use bondage to let the mind to surrender. So far, I've shared a cup of tea and some small talk with first-timers to help them land in the room, feel safe, and trust me. However, massage let you feel how my body interacts with your body, and that is closer to rope bondage than tea and small talk. Because ultimately a bodywork session is more a meeting between two bodies in motion, and two nerve systems that develop a non-verbal language together. Starting this way will help your nervousness and body tension to melt away. We gave it a go, and it was a success. So now I offer the combo session for everyone.
Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery in a BDSM and consent perspective (2016) - The best book I’ve read on the subject of trauma is by far Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery – The Aftermath of Violence, From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror. In this writing I would like to reflect upon parts of the content from a BDSM and consent perspective.