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#the session work

This is for YOU. Medical Massage. Bound Bodywork. Repterapi (therapeutic rope). Hypnosis. They are all ways to serve. To be a guiding hand on your journey. A safe space to let the guard down and just rest, or to face old fears, or to experience something completely new. The session work is my exploration in how to serve another in a one-on-one meeting. What I offer is the expertise that I’ve built up over a lifetime. As a lesson, or an experience, or something in-between. Selected, tailored, and curated just for you. You pay for my time, so I can focus on you.

Learn and experience

My sessions and private lessons are offered at my home studio in Stockholm. The price is 800 SEK or 80 Euro an hour independently of the content. It is possible to come alone, or with a partner or friend. A meeting normally lasts for two-three hours. It is always tailored to your wants and wishes.

Below you can read more about the kind of session work I’ve been doing so far.

Bound Bodywork - Bound Bodywork is my project started on Bali during the winter of 2016. It aims to translate and share the therapeutic rope practice I have developed in Sweden. It springs from the Japanese rope art of Kinbaku infused with modern modalities working on trauma, consent and sexuality.
Repterapi (SWE) - The idea of therapeutic ropes occurred to me many years ago, as people started to contact me about their traumatic experiences. They were looking to learn how to trust and surrender again, and ropes became a somatic way to approach it. It was stories about burn-outs, abuses, and emotions running rampage in their bodies. It took me a few years to structure my knowledge to create this what I've decided to call "Repterapi" or therapeutic ropes. This is a written description of my work in Swedish.
Medicinsk massage (SWE) - I studied medical massage therapy full time for a year in Stockholm, Sweden. Learning about the anatomy and movements of the body. This is my summary of what I learnt - written in Swedish after I finished my education.
Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery in a BDSM and consent perspective (2016) - The best book I’ve read on the subject of trauma is by far Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery – The Aftermath of Violence, From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror. In this writing I would like to reflect upon parts of the content from a BDSM and consent perspective.
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