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about andy

Andy is a student of theatre, a medical massage therapist, a former organizational coach, a conscious kinkster, and a teacher of European and Japanese rope bondage. Living in Stockholm, Sweden and working around northern Europe. During his fifteen years of BDSM, he has been a slave, an owner, a hedonist, a purist, a magician, and a slut.

Are you looking for peace and tranquility to meet yourself and others?

My work aims to create magical rooms were people can rest, heal and grow. My tools, spirit and experience springs from neurosemantic team building, medical massage therapy, European theatre, and Japanese rope bondage.

I work with both groups and individuals, and I love the fact that the world is allowed to be complicated because that makes every meeting unique. My time in Japan engraved into me the presence, passion and embrace for the glimpse of zen that exists in every movement of life – and this I gladly share with you in a session, workshop, or with a cup of tea.

In the stillness between moments, life happens. Pause, witness.


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+46 730 312209


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I’m available for workshop, performances, and consultation, both commercial and artistic. My year schedule is something like…

  • January and February – vacation
  • March to June – teaching in northern Europe
  • July and August – touring festivals and events around Europe
  • September to December – teaching in northern Europe

My rates varies depending on who you are and what you do. Here is a guideline with VAT and traveling costs excluded.

  • Evening – 2500 SEK / 250 EURO
  • Day – 5000 SEK / 500 EURO
  • Weekend – 10-20.000 SEK / 1000-2000 EURO

If you have an artistic project then cut the price in half, but if you have a money focused commercial project double the price. I also do some passion project for free and is always open to negotiate, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Previous collaborations

Upcoming events

Location When Summary Description
Sweden Jul 1, 2021 – Jul 4, 2021 Point of Surrender - Summer Camp
Copenhagen, Denmark Sep 24, 2021 – Sep 26, 2021 Freedom through surrender

The sad battle of feminist influencers vs BDSM practitioners (2021) - For some reason, some people are turned on by violence and degradation, and I believe that the most empowering thing we can do is create a community and knowledge, so people can choose how to live their lives. Maybe in a hundred years, when patriarchal values are balanced with matriarchal values, and gender no longer is a thing to debate, then perhaps BDSM won't be a thing. Or we will all be kinky as hell. But meanwhile, saying that women cannot consent to their desires only replaces one oppressive system with another. And that is not feminism in my eyes.
Social media, power games, and BDSM play (2021) - It's more and more common for me to encounter people shocked by BDSM imagery. Lately when the Swedish gallery Fotografiska posted a self-portrait of a thirty-year-old Chinese photographer in rope bondage. People on social media were outraged; they thought he was a child, in pain, or didn't consent to his own selfie picture. After asking people why they are so affected by the image, it often came down to power.
Interviewed by Mofjrdtalks Podcast (2021) - "BDSM FOR BEGINNERS In this weeks episode I connect with the teacher and bodyworker Andy Buru for a conversation about conscious kink and BDSM. Andy is teaching European and Japanese rope bondage with the intention to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow. What is it with powerplay that awakens the curiosity and arousal of so many? Andy invites us for a philosophical approach to BDSM where presence and pleasure is the north star. In this conversation you will hear us talk about: • How to build the trust to play safely • How to talk about consent and fantasies • Why polarity and powerplay is a way to increase arousal • How to explore your boundaries when you’re new to BDSM"
This pandemic and surrender (2021) - Hello Andy, good afternoon, you have been coming up more and more, on my newsfeed etc., and I had this understanding, how your work plays a big metaphorical part right now in where we are. Collectively. With COVID. With understanding the magic in sometimes being bound in something. And allowing the acceptance and surrender, of being bound in something, can actually create freedom and opportunity for different kinds of movement, though surrender. I saw the amazing rope thing you did with that guy, yeah just wondering if there is a piece of art or inspiration around, COVID, surrender, being bound by something, but actually still managing to find freedom within that. Within the self, the expression of self, somehow.
The skeleton woman (2020) - "You helped me see my skeleton woman and I'm so fucking grateful for that. I was so bored with everyone around trying to make a good impression on me. So scared of what happens if I didn't impress someone. If I didn't make others need me and let go of my need to desperately hold on. You were doing the strangest thing truly not giving a fuck how did it make me see you. All out of nowhere I just wanted to trust you so badly. I was so inspired and turned on by this. Not by you or what you did but just by this attitude. Now I feel like I can fall in the rabbit hole of complete delirium but as long as I'm passionate it will carry me on like a parachute and so I can hold on to the ones I care about with open arms. I don't have to be scared any more cause I see in the darkness how all the insanity can glow lighting up a path and make all the sense there is."
Love love love and relationships (2020) - Hollywood is kidnapping the word love. They are using it to sell romantic comedies and reality shows. You know the Disney princess that marries the prince and lives happily ever after. There is a kinky roleplay scenario for this because it is a fantasy and not reality. Love is something else. I want to present a very orthodox Christian view on love. To give without expecting anything in return - to give without symmetry - how a parent provides for its child. Of course, they get something in return, but it is something different, something asymmetrical.
Interviewed by The Modern Erotic Podcast (2020) - "Andy is an avid writer, researcher and teacher of his topic and frames the subject of BDSM, rope bondage and power play with a very philosophical approach. Engaging with our primal essence and integrating it so we can work with it and not against it can be a challenge, but through the channels of power play and BDSM we can learn a lot about ourselves, create space to safely play with our wild side and create containers to hold the full spectrum of our humanity."
Festival Summer Playlist (2020) - Well, this summer was a bit of a COVID-bummer but at least I spent two weeks at Ängsbacka teaching the things I love. Here are some of the songs that I used.
To my beloved predator (2018) - I wrote this a few years ago as an attempt to understand myself. It started with my participation in the 2018 European Men's Gathering provoking my belief that what I have learned about masculinity through BDSM is of great value. I like the analogy that BDSM is a predator living inside of me. At first, I was trying to hide from its existence. Later it tempted me into exploring my sexual perversion. And now I'm riding the beast that once scared me. At least well enough to share my story.
Male sexuality and society (2020) - Writing this week's musing is an ambiguous task. Since I'm in the teaching crew of the European Men's Gathering, I sometimes join discussions on the Maniphesto email list. Recently someone asked - What is the impact of male sexuality on society?
Interviewed by TantraLiv (2020/SWE) - This is a podcast in Swedish from last summer where we talk about the relationship about tantra and BDSM, and the space in-between.
Portraying sexuality (2020) - Being alone for a long time opens up space for thinking. Here is a musing from my isolation in Japan.
Interviewed by Relationsverket (2019/SWE) - I was interview by the Swedish pod Relationsverket about embodiment, trust, and polarity in relationships.
What is a “bold” workshop? (2019) - Fay was one of the participants at the Art of Submission whom got triggered and she was generous enough to share her story, and what for her made the difference between a good and a bad experience. And I think it puts the finger on what for me is a good bold workshop. This is her story.
Interviewed by The Robin Hallsten Experience (2019) - I made a new friend among the 950 participants of the Ängsbacka Tantrafestival last week. He participated in three of my workshop in felt touched by the depth and sadness of my work, so we decided to sit down for an interview. We cover topics about masculinity and vulnerability, the role of sexuality in modern society, trauma and tension, and much much more. I can deeply recommend it, if you want to get to know me deeper.
Flyer for autumn 2019 - I will teach the following five retreats during the autumn 2019.
This summers playlists (2019) - Here are my playlists from some of the workshops I taught at festivals during the summer of 2019.
What I teach in Swedish and English (2015) - A summary of the subjects that I usually teach. It was written in 2015 so it’s a bit dated but still rings true.
Story of my life (SWE) - This is the story of my life - written in Swedish.


Andy är en grym workshopledare. Han förmår att skapa en trygg grupp och samtidigt skapa utmanande situationer. Jag har lärt mig massor om rep och att binda och bli bunden. Steg två är verkligen en fördjupning, framför allt i känsla, … Continue Reading Göran


Repsessionerna med Andy har överträffat alla mina föreställningar och eventuella förväntningar. Hade till för några månader sedan aldrig trott att jag skulle pröva på detta med att låta mig bindas. Det låg långt utanför min personliga comfort zone. Tanken väckte … Continue Reading Lena Månstråle

Lena Månstråle

Being bound by Andy was an extraordinary experience. His calm and focussed presence very quickly put me at total ease and I could fully relax into the experience. Within minutes my mind went into “thoughtless mode” and what followed was … Continue Reading Annelie


Lite svårt att placera helgen… Å ena sidan intensivt, djupt, utmanande, nytt. Men samtidigt väldigt enkelt, okomplicerat, inget märkvärdigt alls. Som i att det kändes så intuitivt rätt och enkelt, som man gjort det hela livet. Som ett kroppsminne nästan… … Continue Reading Martina


Andy är tydlig, bjuder på dig själv, skapar trygghet, kunnig både kring kropp och rep, pedagogisk, trevlig, kreativ, personlig, engagerad och genuin.


Jag har provat många olika healing- och behandlingsmetoder de senaste åren och måste säga att min repterapisession med Andy har varit ett av de bästa sätten för mig att förlösa undertryckta känslor och släppa energiblockeringar och fysiska låsningar i min … Continue Reading Susanne


Tack alla att jag fick dela den dagen med er. En intensiv upplevelse – men efter en natts vila känner jag mig lugn och tillfreds. Aldrig trodde jag att rep kunde ha en så förlösande effekt på så mycket.


Tack för en fantastisk eftermiddag! Jag och en av de andra gruppdeltagarna försökte analysera upplevelsen efteråt men det blev mest att vi satt som två fånar och flinade ikapp.


Jag rekommenderar Andys repterapi varmt! Det var en fantastisk upplevelse för mig. Jag är ofta väldigt aktiv och initiativtagande – i intima möten, i jobbet,i det mesta jag gör – och kan ha svårt att slappna av, ta emot, be … Continue Reading Sandra


Jag sökte upp Andy pga att jag var nyfiken och ville testa något nytt. Hans sätt att möta en och “hålla space” är otroligt bra. Man känner sig trygg och säker i hans sällskap. Så är ni nyfikna som jag … Continue Reading Sofia


This summer I had been lucky to see the shibari workshop performed by Andy Buru. I love shibari as an art form and as a tool for opening true desires. However, I’ve always felt that it was too technical and … Continue Reading David


It was a journey between Mother Earth and Universe. With unconditional love connected from the first moment to the last breath together.


Under många år har min hals inte varit min egen. Andetag mot min hals. Närhet med min hals, det gick bara inte. Och det var därför jag vände mig till Andy och hans repterapi. Att utmana. Trigga. Ja, möta det … Continue Reading Juli


Taking a session with Andy has been for me a journey into unknown that opened to a deeper intimacy inside myself and a level of relaxation I haven’t felt before. Andy’s strong presence with compassion created that safe space, that … Continue Reading Cristina


Workshopen öppnade ögon för så mycket. De små sakerna du sa och hur de kan appliceras överallt och i relaterande med människor. I litet och stort. Till exempel så mediterade jag och min älskare med varandra och hade sedan sharing … Continue Reading Anna


Really good workshops! Andy creates a safe, fun and sensual space for exploration of intimacy through the use of ropes. Highly recommend!

Peter Nordström

That was quite a mind blowing 4 days. Remembering how apprehensive I was about taking the leap, as new as both me and my partner are to both BDSM and tantra, but now afterwards I am so grateful that we … Continue Reading ‘N’


Det känns som att jag har fått lära mig stegen till en ny dans. En dans som jag tidigare inte visste om. En dans som nu efter bara några korta övningstillfällen skänkt mig stor njutning! Mer handfast får jag väl … Continue Reading Gabriel