Workshop: A Journey to the In-Between Space (2019)

Welcome to a four-day retreat to explore your relationship to sexuality/creativity, power/surrender, ego/tribe, pain/pleasure, restriction/freedom, dreams/reality, animal/divine.

The most rewarding place to exist as a human being is in the In-Between Space. Away from dogmatic truths and polarizing doctrines. This place is so nourishing in a time of political extremism, and goal-oriented productivity, where consequences are dire and punishment is corporal. The In-Between Space is a place to belong, in togetherness. In the presence, in-between the future and the past – ‘anyhow you get the gist.

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During four days we will form a protective tribe far away in beautiful nature, with the soul purpose to give everyone freedom to explore and express themselves. This is not a tinder or grinder meet-up. We invite all that we are – from sexuality to sadness – from suffering to laughter – from introversion to flamboyancy.

Our tools for this journey are rituals and play parties inspired by conscious kink, sex-positive spaces, and consent culture. This is not a technical workshop, nor an intellectual lecture, nor an orgy. This is an invitation to a space that is safe enough for you to be brave.

During the retreat, we start building our tribe on trust and honesty and do exercises to set the direction of our journey, both as individuals and as a group. Moving from a set of more strict rituals to more open play parties – we will explore the subjects of sexuality/creativity, power/surrender, ego/tribe, pain/pleasure, restriction/freedom, dreams/reality, and animal/divine. In the end, we will celebrate our journey together, when we hopefully made it to the in-between space. The feeling of this retreat is more of active meditation with others than a celebration.

Now you might be wondering, what will we do concretely and it’s hard to explain without missing the forest because of the trees. But here is an attempt:

  • Physical touch from the lightest to the most intense.
  • Sensory deprivation using various material.
  • Breathwork, hypnosis, and meditation.
  • Leading and following exercises from dance.
  • Group and status exercises from the theatre.
  • Focus on a specific sense, like smell, taste, and hearing.
  • Practice improvisation and playfulness.
  • Working with courage and healthy borders.
  • Relating, constellation, and co-creation games.
  • Rituals, as in doing a set of steps with focus and intention.
  • Ceremonial consumption of raw cacao.
  • Contact improvisation-like body movement.

Take this list and put it in a sex-positive space, that is a space where sexuality is welcomed in all its forms but nowhere demanded.