Workshop: Eroticism and Desire (2020)

In this workshop, the focus is the perverted desire of rope bondage, rather than engineering a technical experience. We will explore ties and theories that help the rigger to express this perverted desire on a journey through the darker path of eroticism. We will go into objectification, exposure, shame-play, forced serving and taking pleasure from our bottom, to step beyond merely emphatically following along on bottoms journey. The rope bondage then becomes the essential tool to motivate and manipulate the bottom through both pain and pleasure, so they remain curious about going down the rabbit hole of the riggers desire.

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As a recurring theme, we will look at the stories that we tell in our bondage, taking inspiration from both Japanese forbidden fantasies around secretaries, geishas, and schoolgirls, to the Swedish melancholia of the midsummer night dream. The workshop explores the archetypal relationship between the decaying older body and the blossoming youthful body: the Eros and the Thanatos. Of course, the age and gender of the participants are irrelevant, because we are acting out a story and a fantasy.

There is a lot of taboo around these roles, that makes them rich in material to explore, and own to make them our own. For example, it’s way more exciting for me to be old and ugly as the rigger, because it makes my bottom younger and more beautiful, and this results in a more profound polarity in-between us, which sparks more arousal, curiosity, and playfulness as a result.

More concretely in this workshop, we will focus on ties that are technically not complicated but has a lot of emotional charges and how to play in them. Most of the scenarios use suspension lines to manipulate the body using an external point and extending them into semi-suspensions. My reason for this structure is to include broader BDSM subculture that might not (yet) see the charm in complicated patterns and acrobatic postures. As a more experienced rope practitioner, you easily can take the concepts and apply them to more complicated ties.

As the rigger, you must know the single-column tie and how to wrap the body in rope. And it is a bonus if you can attach and handle suspension lines. As the bottom, you must have the experience of being tied and how you react physically and emotionally. Especially in relationship to breath, blood circulation, and nerve functions. Together you must be open to exploring BDSM play and sexuality in a workshop space. And have a secure way to communicate before and during a scene.