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Workshop: Mask magic // seven deadly sins (2019)

The making of a mask is a time consuming and tedious process. It requires deep introspective and intense focus. Therefore it stands in contrast to the modern life-style with instant gratification and competitive mentality. We want to celebrate this contrast and approach our mask-making as a three-day ritual where we can dig deeper into the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins.


We believe that everything that carries energy – that is important and salient to us – needs to be balanced wisely. What is the right amount of pride/greed/lust/envy/gluttony/wrath/sloth for you, and how do you know? When sacred, we avoid answering these questions consciously, but instead, it leaks out unconsciously in the most unexpected place in our lives.

Wearing a mask allows us to step into another version of ourselves. It acts as a safe enough playground for brave exploration, without the dire consequences of real life. Making a mask is the first step on this journey, and this is what we want to offer you. We will approach our mask-making in an embodied and non-intellectual way, using all our senses, combining techniques from Levande Verkstad and Teater pedagogy with esoteric practices from shamanism and conscious sexuality.

On the Sunday, we will create personalized face molds in a ritual of sensory deprivation and meditation – followed by a lecture and inquiry on the subject of the Seven Deadly Sins.

On the Tuesday, we will build the mask’s features from clay and paper mache – while physically exploring and expressing one of the sins of your choice.

On the Wednesday, we will bring life to the masks with paint and fabrics, while practicing stepping safely in and out of its character. We end our journey in a royal gala roleplay where our masks can meet for the first time.

During the workshop hours, you will leave your everyday life behind and dedicate yourself fully to support the process and each other. It might sound like a small task, but for many people, it is very challenging to focus on a single task for several hours without social chit-chat – so this is the only thing we ask of you.

We who will be holding the space for you are Kasia and Alex that are studying masking at Levande Verkstad, and Andy who is theatre pedagog working with conscious sexuality and esoteric practices.