The skeleton woman (2020)

I found this kind of different testimonial while sorting old emails. It’s from a person I tied with intensely for a week at the end of a summer a few years ago.

You helped me see my skeleton woman and I’m so fucking grateful for that.
I was so bored with everyone around trying to make a good impression on me.
So scared of what happens if I didn’t impress someone.
If I didn’t make others need me and let go of my need to desperately hold on.

You were doing the strangest thing truly not giving a fuck how did it make me see you.
All out of nowhere I just wanted to trust you so badly.
I was so inspired and turned on by this.
Not by you or what you did but just by this attitude.

Now I feel like I can fall in the rabbit hole of complete delirium but as long as I’m passionate it will carry me on like a parachute and so I can hold on to the ones I care about with open arms. I don’t have to be scared any more cause I see in the darkness how all the insanity can glow lighting up a path and make all the sense there is.