Writing a book is like rewriting myself (2023)

You can listen to this musing here, or read it below.

I’m surprised by the process of writing. Sure, I’ve written some musings and retreat descriptions. And in my previous life, I wrote many requirement specifications, patents and technical white-papers. But writing a book about my passion is different. It’s like polishing a rare gem. Something that means a lot to me. That I maybe kept hidden for too long. At the same time, the book rewrites me. So I’m making a new website to go along with it. To be more clear about who this rewritten self is. And each time I do, the statement gets shorter. I’m so curious what you think about it?

My present work aims to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow in their relationships to surrender, power and desire. I move between art and therapy. In the arts, I venture for the maximum risk I can afford in the present to challenge the status quo. Therapy is the opposite by being the safest possible road leading to things known to restore balance and goodness. Both require a special kind of bravery.

Many of my clients have experienced abuse of power, often sexually or socially, resulting in an ever-controlling attitude towards life with no room for surrender. They often feel simultaneously ashamed and attracted to their desires. While I don’t believe in cathartic releases, I rather offer slowly befriending a new, more functional and exciting reality. Intimately learning to ride the demons that once hunted, so to speak.

At the most basic level, I work with bodies. In the present moment. Inviting them to participate in a new experience that may transcend into the spiritual. My modalities include conscious and consensual sadomasochism, esoteric eroticism, Japanese rope bondage, European theatre studies, medical massage therapy, and neuro-somatic teamwork, each representing an important period of my life. But most importantly, I believe in dedication to ‘the way’. The way of being. In Japanese, it is dō. Over the years, I’ve studied sado, the way of tea; kado, the way of flowers; and aikido, the way of directing energy while in motion. It’s the same way walked in the many Eastern mystery schools. But don’t worry, my dear unknown friend, it’s fundamentally ritual and practical, and you probably won’t notice unless you want to.

I left my ordinary career about ten years ago to walk a simpler life. Now I travel based on an agenda curated by a handful of lovely retreat organisers around Europe and a demanding make-believe family in the Japanese countryside. In between travels, I’m available for sessions and initiations in Stockholm. I avoid working online, so please don’t ask unless you intend to see my face. Currently, my face can be found on the following occasions in the order of occurrence.