Workshop: The Point of Surrender with Lin Holmquist (2019)

This is a retreat for couples who wants to explore surrender in their relationship.

How do you relate to the topic surrender and what is surrender to you?

Lin and Andy have investigated surrender, submission and dominance in many different areas of their private and professional lives. This retreat is a practical experience for couples about power dynamics within a relationship.

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This is not a regular BDSM event. Lin and Andy works with meditation, communication, presence, tantra, rituals and science to make you aware of how your sexuality plays out in your everyday life and even if you are used to a “vanilla sexlife” , this workshop is definitely for you.

Are you used to hide yourself cause of fear of being judged or rejected? Do you have a habit of expressing your desires only half way and leaving out the innermost longings? Is it hard for you to take charge over your life and be firm in your decisions or do you have difficulties to surrender?

Through exploring dominance and surrender we deal with all those topics, and more – connected to your sexual life and your everyday life in general.

The retreat has a content from both BDSM and tantra, including:

  • Breathing
  • Touch / bodywork
  • Rope and bondage
  • Domination / serving
  • Holding, physical leading and following.
  • Exposure, being seen in surrender and vulnerability.
  • Taking pleasure
  • Allowing pleasure
  • The edge between pleasure and pain – how our capacity for pleasure increases
  • Increasing pleasure from expanding the boundaries
  • Dig into shadows, to explore shame and fear.
  • Ways to surrender for the standard man that is sexually dominant, and his partner to hold space for this.

You can come as a established couple, as lovers, as friends – bi, homo or hetro sexual and enjoy this exciteing retreat hosted by a beautiful course center. The surroundings are amazing, we have a beautiful sauna and delicious food for you – and everything you need to dive deep in to the relationship to your partner and to yourself.