Workshop: Four elements play party (2020)

We welcome you to celebrate the peak of summer with a play party. Together we will form a circle of love, where you represents one of the elements – Fire – Water – Air – Earth – that you want to invite into your life. Fire is wild and raving. Water is mysterious and dominating. Air is free and surrendered. Earth is loyal and serving. Together they bring balance to our play.

We are holding the event to be suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners. It is a combination of ritual magick, sex-positive, and esoteric practices. And you can always decide your level of participation. The evening starts with a short landing and introductory workshop, so you can get to know the elements and the basic idea of ritual magick. Then we will perform the ritual of the four elements. The elements are a timeless symbol for the diversity and balance of life. Fueling them with sexual polarity makes them highly potent to bring profound realization to how you act them out in your life. And the orgasmic energy that we generate together echoes long into the future. After the ritual, there is an open space to relax, gaze and play.

It is important to realize that each and everyone will bring their intention into the magick space, to celebrate and support us as healthy and free individuals. You can decide beforehand what element you want to represent, either by yourself or as a duo or trio. Or you can discover your part and play partners during the workshop.

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