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I am still processing the beauty of the first session – and feeling extremely good about it. Something big changed inside myself and I feel confident about my own identity and force. It was a spiritual enlightenment, solving questions that I even did not remember, like being able to revisit pain from a long past, facing it with beauty and calm, touching it without despair but with the confidence that in your hands the guidance would be enough. I went into hypnosis almost immediately and with the face down, my muscles were relaxed and I entered a mysterious portal of gratitude for being held and taken care of even when experimenting immensus vulnerability. The inner visit to the dark sides is beautiful because it feels extremely safe, and in a sublime atmosphere, where the wish and desire needs to wait. The feelings get stronger because there is no way to move forward, we are immobilized, we just need to accept what is given, the sound of the breathing, the strong pressure in the thigh, the enchanting way of seeing me tied so beautifully like a live sculpture become one of the biggest rewards. The way you look at us after doing your job makes us feel as creatures – like a proud artist contemplating his creation does. It will not be possible to forget the quiet sound of the rope touching my skin and the fascination of being undressed while tied. The way you tied my hair with rope and had full control of the movements of my neck, my postures, it was a way of wild and respectful freedom. No rush, full control and extremely sensual, bondage with you changed the way I see myself.  It is with devotion and gratitude that I write you this letter. You got one more enthusiastic fan.