Interviewed by The Modern Erotic Podcast (2020)

This week I am joined to talk about Pleasure, Power and the Primal Masculine with the multifaceted @stockholmsyndrom__ / Andy Buru the founder of The School of Tantric Ropes. You can find the The Modern Erotic Podcast on Spotify.

“Andy is an avid writer, researcher and teacher of his topic and frames the subject of BDSM, rope bondage and power play with a very philosophical approach.

Engaging with our primal essence and integrating it so we can work with it and not against it can be a challenge, but through the channels of power play and BDSM we can learn a lot about ourselves, create space to safely play with our wild side and create containers to hold the full spectrum of our humanity.

Join me as we dip in to the world of conscious kink with @stockholmsyndrom__ Andy will be joining me again to talk further on this and I urge you to check out his writing on Instagram and let me know what you want to know more about and we will explore this in more detail next time!

Sending Friday Venus love to you all, may you meet your wild side this weekend and welcome the beat of your primal heart back in to the core of you; feel the earth beneath your feet and the stars above and come in to union with your soul self.”