That was quite a mind blowing 4 days. Remembering how apprehensive I was about taking the leap, as new as both me and my partner are to both BDSM and tantra, but now afterwards I am so grateful that we did. I think it was a life changing experience for both of us. We couldn’t have asked for better guides into this world so thank you for that.

At the start of the workshop I mentioned that my burnout led me here, that I wanted to know why I am the way I am and that for some reason I felt that this world may hold the key to unlocking it. Before the workshop it was only a feeling, I couldn’t put words on why that was but after yours and Lins illumination everything’s fallen into place. I feel like I understand the connections between self, sex and submission/dominance now. Not just understand intellectually but I experienced it, which made it real and gave it power to transform. I’m sure all of this you know but I just wanted to say that it really works even on people with almost no experience in neither tantra nor BDSM.

I’m even grateful for my burnout now because it led me to you. It feels like we’ve found a whole new wing to explore in the house of life. We’ve signed up for your online course now and will be keeping an eye on future events and workshops.

‘N’ participated in The Point of Surrender 2019.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!