Workshop: Men tying men (2019)

Do you trust men? In this hands-on workshop, you’ll be tied up with ropes, and held by another man without force or violence. You will receive the gift of another man’s full attention and care, and you’ll practice doing the same for another man. Andy will share techniques on how to gently guide the body and mind to relax, trust, let go of control, and maybe even fully surrender.

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Why men tying men? Because many men need a concrete situation to allow themselves to receive. We are so used to giving and taking. When tied up we can practice receiving. On a philosophical level, you can ask yourself – What is the relationship between masculinity and surrender? Why do many men feel safer surrendering to a man rather than a woman? What is the connection between surrender, vulnerability and strength?

Hopefully, in this workshop, you will experience being a man as a balance between power and surrender. And you will see your patterns in relating, trusting, and sharing intimacy (not sex, there is a big difference between sexuality and intimacy) with men. I welcome you to move from competition to compassion. Or to just simply relax.