Interview: the UNcivilized podcast (2021)

This is an interview with the UNcivilized podcast by Traver Boehm. You can listen to it here on my web page, or on Spotify.

“The movie 50 Shades of Gray came out in 2015, revealing a not very recent subject. Since it dates from the time leather, whips, and free sexual expression dominated the gay subculture. Today, this topic has given rise to much debate in our society, and everyone wants to know “What is BDSM?”, To answer all your questions, we will bring a knowledgeable teacher of the gray space between the tantra and BDSM. Both topics are super interesting on their own, but mixing these practices will turn your sexual intimacy into an almost spiritual experience; that’s how good it is. Leave the taboos aside, and don’t miss this episode with Andy Buru to learn more about these fascinating topics.”

[4:23] Meeting Andy Buru.
[6:37] The difference between tantra and BDSM.
[11:39] The glorious space in between.
[13:02] Let’s talk about consent.
[20:44] What are power dynamics?
[28:20] What happens in the bed, stay in bed.
[30:50] Are feminism and sadomasochism at odds?
[35:50] Does the BDSM community attract traumatized people?
[46:24] When is too much pain?
[54:40] Fetishing our wounds.
[57:32] A movie that hit the culture.
[1:03:41] A safe way to get a partner.