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Workshop: Pleasure and… or pain (2022)

Welcome to this four-day retreat on the theme of pleasure and… or pain. BDSM and tantra offer different paths to ecstasy and away from the everyday mundane. By being a ritualistic framework, an intellectual toolbox, and a concrete practice with consent and consciousness at the core. At the same time, both pleasure and pain are flooding our nervous system with sensations. However, the experience of both pleasure and pain is deeply personal. Scientifically it’s impossible to measure, so we are left with poems and anecdotes to describe it. Some people are addicts to pleasure; others find meaning in pain; many confuse them when highly aroused. The key is to stay present and honest with our experience without panicking and disassociating.

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In this retreat, you will learn techniques and rituals are both tantra and BDSM, including, but not limited to:

  • Whipping and flogging
  • Oil massage and sliding
  • Plastic wrapping
  • Slow and meditative pain
  • …and slow and meditative pleasure
  • Oral fixation, biting, tasting and feeding
  • Sensory deprivation and extension
  • Being a giver and receiver of sensations
  • …and how to make a session out of it
  • Breathing and movement techniques 
  • Holding power and responsibility of another trust
  • …and expressing boundaries
  • Exploring the concept of an orgy
  • …compared to an edging meditation

On Thursday, we will focus on getting to know the group and introducing essential tools and toys from the BDSM practice. In addition, you will learn how to combine pleasure and pain. And as always, we will end the evening in the sauna.

On Friday, we will explore the idea of a session-how to create a focused, playful space where you can examine taboos and desires. How to give this experience to another and how to receive it yourself. The day will end with a slow and sensual oil gliding ceremony.

On Saturday, we will focus on the idea of a conceptual orgy as a ritual. Through dancing, body drumming, and intense sensations of pleasure and pain, you can satisfy your desires. In this experience, you will be guided and challenged to express your boundaries and find your personal balance between surrender and control.

On Sunday, we will end the retreat with a sex magick ritual using a deep trance-like state of mind achieved from mummification in plastic wrapping. You can reach an ecstatic state and make changes deep in your subconscious by depriving some senses and empowering others, and in trust, surrendering yourself.