This summer I had been lucky to see the shibari workshop performed by Andy Buru. I love shibari as an art form and as a tool for opening true desires. However, I’ve always felt that it was too technical and difficult to perform. Coming from the point of perfectionist I’ve already envisioned 5 years of rigorous training and practice before I would be able to perform something decent.

However, this workshop completely changed my perception and unleashed the creative flow inside me which opened up some of the secrets of shibari for me.

Being done in the tantric context, the performance was a beautiful example of energy flowing first and form following it. I’ve understood that ropes perform a function I can already do, with my hands, with my body and limbs. It becomes a continuation of it, part of me. Holding space, embrace, creating a safety net to surrender and forget about everything. All the words and feelings already so familiar to me as tantrika, now took beautiful form of a play, where two people perform a dance, a dance of power and surrender.