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Workshop: Tantric Ropes for Couples (2020)

Did you do a beginner’s tantric rope workshop, and want to take the next step technically while still keeping the focus on the human connection?

Do you enjoy Andy more philosophical and experiential approach to bondage? And think that BDSM is more about power then whips and chains?

And do you prefer learning in small and intimate groups rather than big workshops? Great! Then this is the right thing for you.

Tantric rope bondage is a game of polarities and paradoxes. The things that we reject and crave have more in common than we want to admit, and the most profound wisdom lay on the grey roads least travelled. Like where BDSM and Tantra meet, for example. This is a weekend of philosophy and practice dedicated to exploring four different themes, and how they affect your relationship in ropes. You are one of three duos in a small and intimate home studio that gives space for personal guidance and depths that bigger workshop can’t offer. In your couple, you can be friends, lovers or partners for life. 

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The skill level is adjustable, but at minimum, you are familiar and have practised the free introduction course on my homepage. That is technically equal to a three-hour beginners workshop. It’s beneficial if you have time to complete the first, and maybe second module, and can tie a stable structure on a body. The person being tied should have some experience of being in ropes and playing with polarities and what feelings that invoke in them. You quickly reach this skill level in a 3-hour private lesson, individually or as a couple.


Saturday morning:
Improvisation in Ritual

Tantric rope bondage like serving tea or arranging flowers is a ritual, but without improvisation, it is dead. To make tying into art, one must perfect the technical details to channel all their presence into one unique expression. In this block, we will attempt this the symbolic gesture of tying the hands.

Saturday afternoon:
Surrender in Submission

Submission is profoundly personal and honoring, and surrendering is transpersonal, but is it possible to do both at the same time? And how does the role of the person tying change? In Japanese bondage, there is the archetype of the perverted old man and innocent youth, that is a symbol for being allowed to take selfishly. But who is taking from who?

Sunday morning:
Power in Pain

There are two ways on a powerful altered state of consciousness, over- and under-stimulation and pain work both ways. According to many spiritual practices, the purpose of life is to suffer for something meaningful. To dedicate oneself, and our body is expertly designed for it. Bondage, according to “Semenawa” meaning challenging ropes in Japanese, can be described as beautiful suffering. And it makes us powerful. 

Sunday afternoon:
Motion in Stillness

Finally, we return to the most simple, the nothingness. In many ways, rope bondage is a practice of listening, of feeling more with less. Maybe that is what is so tantric about it. The more we do, the more noise we create, the harder it is to listen. In this final block, you will practice making each movement in your bondage profoundly meaningful; otherwise, it is simply not worth making.