Workshop: Tantric rope journey (2019)

Why make a TANTRIC rope journey?

After teaching rope for almost ten years in different subcultures. The tantric community in Scandinavia has a special place in my heart. It taught me so much. To celebrate that I want to make a longer workshop tailored for the qualities and quirks that make it special to me. That is consciously being with the present experience – how does it feel right now? Breath in, breath out. Welcoming all emotions and giving them space. No fuckin’ charity still apply. This is for you and your experience.

What are the upcoming workshops? Dates? Locations? Pricing?

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Slowness and stillness become key ingredients. But still, I want to teach you enough technique (from knots and patterns to philosophy and psychology) to have an advanced rope session. Actually, I want to embody it in your muscle memory. That takes time, and that is why we need four days. Five days in a beautiful space, connected to nature with soulful food because that makes for amazing meetings with amazing people. That’s also part of it.

What will happen?

We will work with three aspects of rope bondage;

Technical aspect (mornings) – Learn the basics of semi-suspension. Explore gravity. Weight and weightlessness. Upper-body harness, lower-body harness, and leg ties. The related anatomy, and body manipulation.

Relationship aspect (afternoons) – Learn about power dynamics and polarity in rope play. Rituals, archetypes, and nonverbal communication. Explore your shadows in both physical and emotional intensity and meditation.

Session aspect (evenings) – Learn to make a session, to step beyond learning and into play. Go deep with one person, and interact with the group. Meet your own exhibitionism and voyeurism.

How big is the group?

One thing that makes this opportunity very special is the limited group size of ten couples because I want to teach advanced technical skills alongside with the feeling and philosophy, and this needs to ensure that everyone gets the help and attention needed.

What are the technical prerequisites?

It is good if you have attended a workshop with Andy before so you are familiar with my way of teaching. If you haven’t then I’m always at both the Sexsibility and Tantra Festivals at Ängsbacka, and a bunch of other festivals around Europe. It’s good if you practice the first knot, how to wrap the body rope and create some structure – videos to remind you will be sent out before the workshop.

Do I need my own ropes?

Yes, you will need six ropes per couple to attend the workshop and the basic gear to start exploring suspensions and gravity. A kit with everything you need will be available for purchase at the event, for approximately 1700 SEK.

What about ‘for couples’?

It means come with someone you know. You will do most exercises with your partner. A few will be done with a random partner when that is important for the learning experience.