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#the human bondage

Freedom and restriction is one fundamental dynamic in the human existence. It's a paradoxical relationship. Being bound grants freedom from choice and responsibility. It challenges trust and surrender. It touches upon the experience of both belonging and loneliness. But still, fundamentally, it's always your choice. Holding this power is a paradox between expressing your own desire, and emphatically holding space for others. Shaping the body shapes the mind, altering thoughts and feelings, altering one's entire experience. How can a single rope be a symbol for so much?

#the in-between space

What is found in-between sexuality and creativity? Celebration and meditation? A tribe and the egoistic self? Life is a theatre between reality and dreams. The room is a stage. People are performers and audiences in your existence. Our culture and norms are the rules of our drama. Our personalities are the masks we wear. And what happens when all this is temporary deconstructed? Leaving space for something new to emerge. A play without dire consequences. A co-creation from our subconscious dreams. A long lost desire. A utopian vision of the future. The answer is found together.

#the man and the machine

The man and the machine is an investigation of the relationship between human biology and machine technology. The arena is art. Vibrations through a surface, like a floor or an object, become notes in a composition. While motion in space draws patterns in pitch and tempo. And pulsating bass synchronized with the human heart. I believe that technology can be a modern form of mysticism and magick. My work translates human movement and form to the digital world. The design is modular and the result is ever evolving.

Rope study groups – spring 2020

Welcome to join the two upcoming rope study group of spring 2020. Themes for this season is Suspending with Andy and a repeat of the Tantric Rope Journey. The study groups are small and inmate with only four couples taking place in my home close to Skanstull (Stockholm/Sweden). This will be the sixth or seventh year and as reported by many participants before you will during four months find your own tranquil rope oasis far away from everyday life in my home.

How you are feeling right now (2019)

“Show me how you are feeling right now.”

“I don’t want to.”


“Because I don’t want that to be the focus,” she tells me. “I already know my suffering, and I’m curious about you.”

Bondage and pressure points (2019)

I spontaneously offered a workshop on pressure points during the autumn edition of the European Riggers (and models) Exchange, and now in the aftermath, I want to share some notes and references. Maybe you will find it useful even if you didn’t participate in the workshop.

Vulnerability as a top (2019)

Being tied or topped is an act of vulnerability. It is evident because of the surrender of one’s body and mind.

As a top, you will encounter another kind of vulnerability. You will expose your perverted and socially-deviant desires. But usually, it doesn’t start there when first learning about bondage. The learning experience begins as a technical challenge and as a way to provide an experience. Later it can expand into being about desires of the top.

The more bondage and dominance you apply, the more space you get to express your desires, and the more responsible you get for how the scene unfolds. The bottom will witness and experience you. Unexpectedly many people love to feel the unmoderated desire of someone they trust. Of course, their encouraging reactions fuel for your actions. But ultimately, you are the doer, and this makes you vulnerable.

You will be the one tying people up and making them helpless.
You will be the one bringing out shame and humiliation in others.
You will be the one sexually ravaging like a predator.

All the things that we shouldn’t do in modern society. And for me, this becomes the significant challenge of showing vulnerability as the person tying.

And you nervous? (2019)

Then you are most likely tensed in your body too.

Many session first-timers tell me that they are nervous. Usually, it was excitement that turned into nervousness as they approached the session. The bodily response to nervousness and enthusiasm are more or less the same. The heart rate rises, first sweat occurs, and the muscle starts to tense. Your nerve system is activated or aroused in biological terms. The interpretation of the experience happens later in your head — anyhow enough nerdiness about the biochemistry of the human body.

A recurring client suggested that I should offer a combined session, half massage and half rope. To first massage the body to help it relax and then use bondage to let the mind to surrender. So far, I’ve shared a cup of tea and some small talk with first-timers to help them land in the room, feel safe, and trust me. However, massage let you feel how my body interacts with your body, and that is closer to rope bondage than tea and small talk. Because ultimately a bodywork session is more a meeting between two bodies in motion, and two nerve systems that develop a non-verbal language together. Starting this way will help your nervousness and body tension to melt away.

We gave it a go, and it was a success. So now I offer the combo session for everyone.

Sexuality in bondage (2019)

I never wrote a text on bondage and sexuality, probably because I see them so obviously intertwined. Still, I meet many people that are confused about the topic. Why are we turned on by being tied up?

Suffering in bondage (2019)

I think our relationship to suffering in everyday life is very harmful. Especially living in Sweden, that is protected from significant suffering for such a long time. Add the instant gratification culture of social media where we are being taught to receive only positive experiences instantly. Like like like. The result is that we are no longer geared to deal with hard and challenging experiences, and hence, we are not ready to suffer.

What is a “bold” workshop? (2019)

Fay was one of the participants at the Art of Submission whom got triggered and she was generous enough to share her story, and what for her made the difference between a good and a bad experience. And I think it puts the finger on what for me is a good bold workshop. This is her story.

Interviewed by The Robin Hallsten Experience (2019)

I made a new friend among the 950 participants of the Ängsbacka Tantrafestival last week. He participated in three of my workshop in felt touched by the depth and sadness of my work, so we decided to sit down for an interview.

We cover topics about masculinity and vulnerability, the role of sexuality in modern society, trauma and tension, and much much more. I can deeply recommend it, if you want to get to know me deeper.

The reason why we play (2019)

To answer this question, we need to start with a thought experiment. Say that you get offered to be turned into a vampire, would you do it? Truly think about it, would you?

Can you know how it would feel to be a vampire? No.
Can you compare how it feels to be human? No.
Can you change your mind afterwards if you were unhappy about becoming a vampire? No.

It’s impossible to know, since becoming a vampire would permanently change how you view yourself and the world around you. Now you might think that this is a silly question, but…

Workshop: Perverted ol’ man rope (2019)

In this workshop, the focus is the perverted desire of the rigger, rather than engineering experiences for the bottom. And we will explore ties and theories that help the rigger to express this perverted desire. Through objectification, exposure, shame-play, forced serving and simply taking pleasure from our bottom beyond emphatically following along on their journey. The rope bondage then becomes the key tool to motivate and manipulate the bottom through both pain and pleasure. So they remain curious about going down the rabbit hole of the riggers desire.