Vulnerability as a top (2019)

Being tied or topped is an act of vulnerability. It is evident because of the surrender of one’s body and mind.

As a top, you will encounter another kind of vulnerability. You will expose your perverted and socially-deviant desires. But usually, it doesn’t start there when first learning about bondage. The learning experience begins as a technical challenge and as a way to provide an experience. Later it can expand into being about desires of the top.

The more bondage and dominance you apply, the more space you get to express your desires, and the more responsible you get for how the scene unfolds. The bottom will witness and experience you. Unexpectedly many people love to feel the unmoderated desire of someone they trust. Of course, their encouraging reactions fuel for your actions. But ultimately, you are the doer, and this makes you vulnerable.

You will be the one tying people up and making them helpless.
You will be the one bringing out shame and humiliation in others.
You will be the one sexually ravaging like a predator.

All the things that we shouldn’t do in modern society. And for me, this becomes the significant challenge of showing vulnerability as the person tying.