Week Three

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Welcome to the online school.

This project reflects me very strongly – starting during the COVID pandemic, and I quickly realized that it was highly over-ambitious and underpriced. A more online present friend told me; you should make it a maximum of two hours and a much higher phase; explosive.

Well, I didn’t listen, so I made it about halfway and realized that I like working with people, face to face, hand in hand, much more. But it still resulted in 5 hours of lectures and 15 hours of exercise. And it’s cool stuff.

So I moved away from my expensive online school platform and put the material here on my old-school website for you to enjoy. I apologize that it doesn’t have all of the fancy e-learning features.

The material covers three aspects of rope bondage that I think is important to teach; the technical, the philosophical, and the ritualistic. It also quickly introduces the idea of taking weight away from the floor, not to hang someone in ropes completely, but to play with distance and three-dimensional space. And it’s an excellent way to evaluate your technique.

I hope you enjoy it.