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Freedom through Surrender, Denmark

Relational Spaces Ryesgade 15, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Relational Spaces in Copenhagen invited me to teach a workshop on rope bondage. See their webpage for more information.

Freedom through Surrender, Vienna

Mehrspueren Heinestraße 20, Vienna

I'm going to Vienna to teach Freedom through Surrender. More information on Facebook.

Pleasure and Pain, Estonia


I'm finally going back to Estonia to teach rope again. It's a very private event. Contact me if you are curious about joining.

Perverted ol’ Man Rope, Stockholm, Sweden

Studio Hanami Beckombergavägen 1, Stockholm

Often I feel like a cat threading around warm milk when teaching technically complicated suspensions, creative improvisations, or heart-touching intimacy when what I love deep down is the perverted ol' man rope.

In this workshop, the focus is the perverted desire of the rigger rather than engineering experiences for the bottom. And we will explore ties and theories that help the rigger to express this perverted desire. Through objectification, exposure, shame-play, forced serving and simply taking pleasure from our bottom beyond emphatically following along on their journey. The rope bondage becomes the essential tool to motivate and manipulate the bottom through both pain and pleasure. So they remain curious about going down the rabbit hole of the riggers desire.

EURIX, Berlin

Holzmarkt Holzmarkt 25, Berlin

I'm teaching at the European Rigger Exchange in Berlin. More information here

The Temple of Sacred Perversions, Finland


The sacred only asks your devotion for the unknown. Step out of your small self to enter into the gentle bliss of communion. The perverted tempts your vulnerability and, maybe if you dare, all your desires will be fulfilled. The playground is our temple that holds them both, the sacred and the perverted. The temple we create together is already inviting you on this journey. There are no skills to learn, only a universe to discover. Gently it holds your hand to balance between safety and bravery, between your needs and the direction of the group, and between looking for intensity and finding sensitivity.

Bonding Rituals, Belgium


The bonding rituals are coming to Belgium. Check out the Facebook event for more info.

Odessa 🧡 Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival

Amsterdam Amsterdam

I'm invited to teach at the Odessa 🧡 Amsterdam Tantric Bliss Festival. See more information on Facebook: or webpage

The Tribal Vibe Festival, Denmark

Himmebjerggården Himmelbjergvej 11, Ry

I'm invited to teach at the Tribal Vibe Festival in Denmark this summer. Read more here:

Ängsbacka Tantra Festival, Sweden

Ängsbacka Nyeds-backa 511, 655 61 Molkom, Sweden

I’m teaching at Ängsbacka Tantra Festival, check out their webpage for more information.

High on Life, Estonia


I'm teaching at the Estonian High on Life festival. Check out their web-page for more information.

Happily Masochistic, Estonia


I'm finally going back to Estonia to teach rope again. It's a very private event. Contact me if you are curious about joining.