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  • What is a Play Party Retreat? (2018)

    What is a Play Party Retreat? (2018)

    Traveling around teaching this summer I’ve been trying to answer this question in an clear way, and I still struggle. It has to do with deconstruction of ideas about desire, sexuality, gender, attraction, kinks, characters, and archetypes. To temporarily create a space to try something new without being judged. Innocence is an important ingredient. It’s…

  • How I learnt about Wabi-Sabi (2018)

    How I learnt about Wabi-Sabi (2018)

    Bondage and beauty is for me closely related. Both on a philosophical and aesthetical level. I truly enjoy the japanese imagery of bondage which is often related to suffering and mortality. It is often referred to as Wabi-Sabi, which is sometimes translated to the beauty of imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. A couple of years ago…

  • Workshop: Tantra meets kinbaku (2016)

    Workshop: Tantra meets kinbaku (2016)

    In this workshop, you will learn how to use the ropes safely and successfully, to create a magic place where emotions can flow and a conscious play with power. You will learn to use ritualization to create your own magical place and negotiation of a consensual power dynamic. People’s first reaction to Kinbaku is usually…

  • Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery in a BDSM and consent perspective (2016)

    Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery in a BDSM and consent perspective (2016)

    The best book I’ve read on the subject of trauma is by far Judith Hermans Trauma and Recovery – The Aftermath of Violence, From Domestic Abuse to Political Terror. In this writing I would like to reflect upon parts of the content from a BDSM and consent perspective.

  • Rope Breaking Test (2013)

    Rope Breaking Test (2013)

    This is a short summary of the rope breaking tests I did at EURIX 2013 Spring a few days ago. I want to state that these tests are not aimed to be scientific evidence of anything.

  • Shame – a Road to Humiliation (2015)

    Shame – a Road to Humiliation (2015)

    I wanted to learn more about the emotional sides of BDSM, so I turned to three different books explaining three different models. “Masochism: A Jungian View” by Lyn Cowan, “Playing by Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging” by O. Fred Donaldson, and “Ut ur Kalahari: Drömmen om det goda livet” (in English something like;…

  • Pain and Kinbaku (2013)

    Pain and Kinbaku (2013)

    This is a text about brains neurotransmitters how they affect us when practicing Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) or any kind of BDSM for that matter. The text will on a high level cover the inter-working between dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin and adrenalin. The text will also suggest how we can adapt our technique to better utilize…