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  • Welcome to the new website

    Welcome to the new website

    Most of my retreats are selling out. My schedule is full. So what is one to do? Specialize, become more niche, sharper. So I redefined myself. How does one do that in the modern age? A new webpage. I hope you like it.

  • A Wordless Play Space at the Sexsibility Festival (2023)

    A Wordless Play Space at the Sexsibility Festival (2023)

    People dress up to the teeth, sparkly, unapologetically, and mix everything: spanking, dancing, orgasming. They simply go bananas for one night. But that’s not how I work. It’s not sexy to me. Don’t get me wrong. I love the hedonistic techno underground scene. It was what first pulled me to Berlin more than twenty years…

  • A Perversion of Tea at Xplore (2023)

    A Perversion of Tea at Xplore (2023)

    I’m curious what is an invitation to a sadomasochistic play. What frames such an intimate interaction between people? Often in “the scene”, there is an emphasis on being as straightforward as possible, breaking things apart into dynamics, kinks and identities. There is a clear need of knowing what one will get. So I must describe…

  • Video: Behind the Scenes (2023)

    Video: Behind the Scenes (2023)

    Sorry for the lack of new material. I’m still busy with the book and redesigning my online persona. Hopefully, I’ll reemerge before the end of the year. Here is some behind-the-scenes footage from an upcoming documentary about rope bondage by Umut Vedat (, and the person I am tying is Heidi Hanso.

  • Reimagining the session work (2023)

    Reimagining the session work (2023)

    “Every session with Andy is like opening a mysterious box of secrets – secrets that are deeply hidden under numerous layers of external garbage that I tend to call ‘self’. I never know what I’ll find inside. I come with some messy armful of things…” Lena

  • Writing a book is like rewriting myself (2023)

    Writing a book is like rewriting myself (2023)

    My present work aims to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow in their relationships to surrender, power and desire. I move between art and therapy. In the arts, I venture for the maximum risk I can afford in the present to challenge the status quo. Therapy is the opposite by being…

  • Trailer: Point of Surrender (2023)

    Trailer: Point of Surrender (2023)

    The Point of Surrender is a fusion of tantra and BDSM, and we want you to come as a couple to the course. It does not have to be your life partner, you can bring a lover or a friend with whom you feel safe to explore both light and dark. 

  • Interview: The Healer Hub Podcast (2023)

    Interview: The Healer Hub Podcast (2023)

    Listen to me talking about bondage from the perspective of both Art and Healing. As sadomasochism and esoteric eroticism is getting more mainstream, I think it becomes utterly important to differentiate what is what. Therapy is the safe bet that has been proven and tested to use with the exposed and vulnerable. Art is the…

  • Gallery: That old ghost house (2023)

    Gallery: That old ghost house (2023)

    In Japanese folklore, it’s a common belief that everything has a spirit. A household object that is older than one hundred years can be possessed by a Yōkai, a spirit or ghost, and become Tsukumogami (付喪神). As long as you treat the object respectfully, there is nothing to worry about. But if you don’t… That’s…

  • My Ikebana Teacher (2023)

    My Ikebana Teacher (2023)

    …another collection of flowers wrapped in more newspaper and the same paper with the same instructions. I soon realise that I learn more from how my teacher greets me in the morning and brews tea than from her instructions about cutting leaves, shaping branches and picking flowers. There is a way of being, being taught,…

  • Gallery: In the Eye of Olavi Sõna (2023)

    Gallery: In the Eye of Olavi Sõna (2023)

    More photos by Estonian photographer Olavi Sõna that capture a session with me and Heidi Hanso for the February edition of the women’s magazine, Eesti Nainee.

  • Men tying men (2023)

    Men tying men (2023)

    …and then they get to tie each other. If I have their consent, I like them to switch partners and roles. Circularly and ceremonially, moving from man to man, sometimes even with their eyes closed, to embrace each meeting as a wave of the ocean. And keeping the experience about themselves rather than forming a…