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  • Reimagining the session work (2023)

    Reimagining the session work (2023)

    “Every session with Andy is like opening a mysterious box of secrets – secrets that are deeply hidden under numerous layers of external garbage that I tend to call ‘self’. I never know what I’ll find inside. I come with some messy armful of things…” Lena

  • Writing a book is like rewriting myself (2023)

    Writing a book is like rewriting myself (2023)

    My present work aims to create magical rooms where people can rest, heal and grow in their relationships to surrender, power and desire. I move between art and therapy. In the arts, I venture for the maximum risk I can afford in the present to challenge the status quo. Therapy is the opposite by being…

  • Interview with Eesti Nainee (2023)

    Interview with Eesti Nainee (2023)

    Woman Magazine Eesti Nainee: …many men who come to my retreats are performance-oriented towards external success. They must have a good job, an expensive car, a nice house and a beautiful, well-groomed woman so that others can see the man’s success. But often they don’t know at all what they like. If such a man is…

  • Rituals and Paradoxes, my book project (2023)

    Rituals and Paradoxes, my book project (2023)

    2023 is here. And I’m starting the year off in solitude in the Japanese mountains outside Osaka. I aim to work on my book project while walking the woods, relaxing in the hot springs, and learning my new camera. Here is what I know so far. The working title is Rituals and Paradoxes, which will…

  • Yearly Playlist (2022)

    Yearly Playlist (2022)

    Remember that particular song for a festival or retreat? The one that made that exercise so extraordinary. I’m often asked for music and playlists, and almost always, I’m actually DJ:ing while teaching, so there is no one playlist. However, here is a yearly mix of what I liked and played for the past months. Enjoy.

  • Navigating spirituality and sexuality (2022)

    Navigating spirituality and sexuality (2022)

    The first fear is strangely connected to consent. Or the question, what can I consent to? In my background of BDSM, there is a practice of radical self-expression, or as it’s often said, “Your kink is not my kink, but your kink is okay” (YKINMKBYKIO). It comes from the belief that sexual minorities need to…

  • Interview: Freedom and Surrender by Relational Spaces (2022)

    Interview: Freedom and Surrender by Relational Spaces (2022)

    In this episode Peter Munthe-Kaas (Relational Spaces) and Andy Buru talk about the freedom that can be achieved through surrender.

  • The playlist of 2021

    The playlist of 2021

    Here is some of the music that I’ve played at my events during 2021.

  • The movie PLEASURE and on BDSM and pornography (2021)

    The movie PLEASURE and on BDSM and pornography (2021)

    A few days ago, I was at the gala premiere of a new movie called PLEASURE. The director spent the last six years infiltrating or befriending the pornography scene in Los Angeles to the point that she got some of the most influential people to act in her movie. The story is told through the…

  • Volunteering at events (2021)

    Volunteering at events (2021)

    What does it mean to be a volunteer or assistant at my events? I often get this question, so I thought it was worth answering it more in-depth in this musing. Most important is to be of service, which means that you are more interested in the experience of others than your own. And there…

  • Interview: the UNcivilized podcast (2021)

    Interview: the UNcivilized podcast (2021)

    The movie 50 Shades of Gray came out in 2015, revealing a not very recent subject. Since it dates from the time leather, whips, and free sexual expression dominated the gay subculture. Today, this topic has given rise to much debate in our society, and everyone wants to know “What is BDSM?”, To answer all…

  • Swedish podcast “Hur Kan Vi?” about BDSM and trauma (2021)

    Swedish podcast “Hur Kan Vi?” about BDSM and trauma (2021)

    This one is a bit scary. It’s a two hour uncut conversation about BDSM and trauma with my friends Li and Navid. It has 100.000 – 200.000 views per episode, and has previously been featuring a long line-up of provocateurs, causing ruckus in the mainstream media. It is always a double-sided edge when moving into…