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  • Video: The Hangman (2015)

    Video: The Hangman (2015)

    The girl in white is trapped in her apartment. She is patiently waiting for The Hangman whose duty it is to bind and liberate.

  • Video: Trust your brothers (2018)

    Video: Trust your brothers (2018)

    Trust Your Brothers is a part of the project UNKNOWN FACES, were I tie people that I never met before. In my initial call for participants only 16% were male, so I decided to continue my search. The mens network Maniphesto answered my call and invited me to record sessions at the European Men’s Gathering…

  • Video: Unknown Faces trailer (2018)

    Video: Unknown Faces trailer (2018)

    Once in one year I tied seventy-five people that I barely met before. It was an experiment on moments of vulnerability shared without words. It was beautiful. Ten years later I was struck with an creative urge to repeat, document, and share it.

  • Video: Biometrical soundscape/rope bondage (2017)

    Video: Biometrical soundscape/rope bondage (2017)

    Recorded at mine and Joakim Erixson Flodmans exhibition at Wip:Stockholm. The heartbeat is pickup from the model in rope as their body conditions change. The ghastly sound is built from our movement. The idea was to give the audience another path to connect with our experience.

  • Video: My interactive nosiescape (2018)

    Video: My interactive nosiescape (2018)

    This is an interactive noisescape that I built for a project at school. I wanted to create a space that held the participants without instructions from an leader, or written, or in any kind. My goal was stillness, so I wanted to punish movement. Vibrations are picked up from the white platforms and generate a…

  • Video: Welcome to the in-between space (2018)

    Video: Welcome to the in-between space (2018)

    Last Sunday me, Saara Rei, Indigo9 and AK got together to make background videos for my new homepage. This gave birth to a lot of weird characters, so I had to cut it together and share it. Because it kind of reminds me of a Play Party Retreat.

  • Video: Unge Ferrari – Balkong (2018)

    Video: Unge Ferrari – Balkong (2018)

    One of my goals is to spread ropes outside our subculture. That’s why I teach in a lot of non-rope festivals. This is me trying another path, a music video with the Norwegian artist Unge Ferrari, produced by Adam Falk.

  • Video: Andy & Rina (2016)

    Video: Andy & Rina (2016)

    I’m still fascinated by documenting my early meetings with people whom I tie. This is the second time tying Rina that I met in Ubud in the beginning of 2017.

  • Video: Movement reaction from restriction (2016)

    Video: Movement reaction from restriction (2016)

    Every new person is a new possibility to develop. This is true in life and rope. I meet the Israeli dancer Cellar Door in Bali. Together we started to explore the reactions in movement that comes from restriction.

  • Video: In the eye of the public (2016)

    Video: In the eye of the public (2016)

    To show bondage in a space were it isn’t expected always gets me in touch with my vulnerability. It brings a emotional nakedness to show who I am and what I do. To be seen. And later meet the response of the audience. 

  • Video: Studie i sårbarhet (2015)

    Video: Studie i sårbarhet (2015)

    Warning this video can be seen a violent and aggressive. The video ‘Studie i sårbarhet’ is an experiment to show the trust that is shared in rope bondage. The vulnerability is found in both how the physical body is challenge, and the trust in handing over control.

  • Video: En känsla för rep (2015)

    Video: En känsla för rep (2015)

    The video “En känsla för rep” is an introduction to the feeling shared through ropes in bondage. The idea is to give curious beginners a idea how an meeting with ropes can be.